3 Little Pigs

Written by Adapted by Philadelphia Reads
Illustrated by Todd Matte


Once upon a time there were three little pigs.
Stan loved to nap, Jack loved to bake, and Alice loved to build things, and together they set off into the countryside to find land and materials to build their homes.


Stan built his house out of goose feathers, grass, and mud. Jack built his house out of recycled paper, sticks, and bubble gum. Alice built her house out of bricks and cement.


One of the pigs’ new neighbors was Walt the wolf, and on this particular day, Walt was hungry.


Walt was walking through the countryside and came upon Stan’s house. Stan was inside napping when Walt pounded on his FRAGILE door. Stan said, “I’m napping, come back later.”


Walt said, “Then I’ll pull out your grass and push down your mud.” Just before Walt knocked down Stan’s house, Stan ran through the back window to Jack’s house.


Jack was making muffins when he heard Walt outside. Walt said, “Little Pig, Little Pig, let me in.” Jack said, “I’m stirring and mixing, no time to talk.” Walt said, “Then I’ll break all your sticks and chew all your gum.”


Luckily, just before Jack’s house came tumbling down, Stan and Jack went through the back and ran to Alice’s house.


Alice was inside building her new dresser when Walt, who was really starving by now, pounded on her door, “Little Pig, Little Pig, let me in.” Alice said, “My brothers have warned me, you aren’t welcome in here.”


So the wolf said, “ Then I’ll…” But he looked at the house and knew he couldn’t get through. So he said, “I’m really hungry, haven’t eaten in days.”
Luckily, Jack had brought his muffins and said, “Would you like to come in and sit at our table?” Walt, surprised at the invitation, said, “Why yes, yes I would.”

The End.

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