Jessie the Dog with the Waggily Tail

Written by Adrienne Jacoby
Illustrated by Sean Lewis


Jessie and the Ducks
Jessie was a happy dog who lived in the Forest of Pennsylvania with the Boys of Lake Owego Camp with her friend Tom.
Tom and Jessie lived in a cabin by the lake.
Jessie was a golden retriever with a waggily tail
She was friendly to everyone and everything.


She loved the boys and caught their balls everyday.
She loved the rabbits and the squirrels which she chased everyday and she loved the momma duck and her baby ducklings.
Every morning when the mist was rising from the lake, Jessie would bark and Tom would let her out of the Cabin.


At the same time, momma duck was taking her ducklings to the Lake for their morning lesson on swimming.
Jessie jumped into one end of the small lake and momma duck with her ducklings right behind her entered the other end of the lake.
Jessie the dog wanted to say hello to momma duck, but momma duck did not like to be bothered when she was swimming.


When Jessie got close to the duck and her ducklings, momma duck raised herself out of the water, flapped her wings, and quacked her “get out of here” QUACK.
Jessie then turned around and swam back to shore.


She turned around and barked at momma duck and shook her wet body all over so everyone near her got wet.
She was happy and the duck was happy too.

The End.

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