Little Red Riding Hood

Written by Adapted by Philadelphia Reads
Illustrated by Ellen Wallo

LRRH1There was once a smart little girl who lived with her father and mother in a sturdy little cottage at the edge of a village. Next to the village there was a forest, and on the other side of it lived the girl’s grandmother.

Her grandmother loved the little girl very much and gave her many gifts. Once she gave her a red cloak with a hood that she always wore, so people called her Little Red Riding Hood.

One morning Little Red Riding Hood’s mother said, “Put on your things and go to your grandmother. She has been ill. Take this basket of food to her.”

It was a bright and sunny morning. Red Riding Hood was so happy that at first she wanted to dance through the wood. All around her grew wildflowers that she loved, so she stopped to pick a bunch.


Little Red Riding Hood wandered from her path and was stooping to pick a flower when she heard a gruff voice say, “Good morning, Little Red Riding Hood.” She turned around and saw a great big wolf, but Little Red Riding Hood did not know what a wicked beast the wolf was, so she was not afraid.

“What have you in that basket, Little Red Riding Hood?”

“Eggs and butter and cake, Mr. Wolf.”

“Where are you going, Little Red Riding Hood?”

“I am going to my grandmother who is ill, Mr. Wolf.”

“Where does your grandmother live, Little Red Riding Hood?”

“Along that path and through the gate at the end of the wood, Mr. Wolf.”

Then Mr. Wolf again said, “Good morning,” and set off. Little Red Riding Hood again went in search of wildflowers.

At last he reached the cottage and knocked on the door.

“Who is there?” called the grandmother.

“Little Red Riding Hood,” said the wolf.

“Press the latch, open the door, and walk in,” said the grandmother.


The wolf walked in to find the grandmother in bed. He made one jump at her, but she jumped out of bed and into a closet. Then the wolf put on her cap and crept under the blankets.

Soon Little Red Riding Hood knocked at the door and walked in saying, “Good morning, Grandmother. I have brought you food and flowers I gathered.”

As she came nearer the bed she said, “What big ears you have, Grandmother.”


“All the better to hear you with, my dear.”

“What big eyes you have, Grandmother.”

“All the better to see you with, my dear.”

“But, Grandmother, what a big nose you have.”

“All the better to smell you with, my dear.”

“But, Grandmother, what a big mouth you have.”

“All the better to eat you up with, my dear!” the wolf said as he sprang from the bed toward Little Red Riding Hood.

Just at that moment a woodcutter was passing the cottage and heard Little Red riding Hood scream. He rushed in and chased the wolf out of the house and far into the woods.


The wolf was never seen again.

Everyone else lived happily ever after.

The End.

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