As well as supporting the literacy skills of the children of Kearny School, our newest recruits to the PHILADELPHIA READS Power Partner Program at Jefferson University Hospital are hoping to support other everyday needs of the children too.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 9.13.28 AMAfter discussions with the teacher, Anthony Lapin, they have decided to encourage hospital staff to donate various items, starting with a sock drive and possibly a school supplies drive.

This adoption is the brainchild of the site coordinator at Jefferson, Shela Copeland, who meets with a small committee after each Power Partner session to plan manageable ways to support and improve the lives of the pupils, who they have named the Jefferson Jewels.

Shela states, “This could not be done without the commitment of Jefferson’s finest staff who have dedicated their time to this important issue. The program would be nothing without their dedication and support.”

All of us here at PHILADELPHIA READS salute you and your committee Shela, and wish you well as you endeavor to improve the lives of your precious Jefferson Jewels.

Shela Copeland, the resourceful Power Partner
Coordinator at Jefferson Hospital.

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