The Tom and Adrienne Jacoby Book Bank at Philadelphia READS

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What Are We?

The PHILADELPHIA READS Book Bank is a resource for educators who serve our city’s children and youth within daycare, preschool, public, private, charter, parochial, religious, and after-school classrooms. Educators are able to get up to 350 books per school year, as well as supplemental classroom supplies. In addition, we provide classroom visitations for local schools, service project opportunities for companies, organizations, and schools, as well vocational training for high school and college students, while exposing them to the importance of literacy and the power of “giving back.” To learn more on how to volunteer with the Book Bank, plan a class visit, or record “books on CD,” contact

When Are We Open?

We are open on Wednesdays, between 2:30 – 6:00 pm. Because we are located in a school, we are closed for Philadelphia Public School holidays.

Where Are We Located?

We are located within the Promise Academy at Martin Luther King High School, 6100 Stenton Avenue, Room T137. When visiting, please utilize the doors to left of the loading dock on the Haines Street side of the building. Call us at (215) 276-5660 for more information on arranging a visit to the Book Bank.

How Are We Able to Provide Educators with Nearly 100,000 Books and School Supplies Free of Charge Per Year?

We are chiefly supported by the kind and generous donations of many individual, community, and corporate partners. In addition, all books are donated through individual, community, and corporate wide book drives hosted on our behalf. In addition, the Book Bank is member supported through annual membership dues of only $20. In exchange for the annual membership dues of $20, Book Bank Members receive at least 350 books and classroom supplies valued at over $4,000. To join us in our fight to advance literacy amongst our city’s children and youth, host a book drive for PHILADELPHIA READS! Submit all book drive registration forms via email to

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Why Do We Exist? Why Should You Get Involved?

The startling reality is that many of our city’s children and youth are not reading on grade level. With limited access to books at home and inaccessibility to books at school and public libraries due to budget cuts, there are not many opportunities allotted to children and youth to escape into the literary world, use their imagination, and strengthen their literacy skills at the same time. What do you do with informational facts such as these? You make a difference where you can! Why not join us in making a difference in the lives of our city’s children and youth and get connected with the PHILADELPHIA READS Book Bank today! Make a financial donation to the Book Bank today and keep our work going!