Power Partners


Over the past 15 years, the PHILADELPHIA READS Power Partners program has provided a creative blend of literacy enrichment, mentoring, and career education for 12,000 Philadelphia Public school students in grades 1 – 3. Throughout this time, volunteer “power partners” have donated an approximate 450,000 hours, meeting with their students on a weekly basis for one-on-one literacy coaching. Power partners do more than help students to build their literacy skills, they inspire them as living examples of how an education can lead to success!

This Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program connects corporations and professional organizations with students from Philadelphia’s public and charter classrooms. The relationship ratio is 1:1 and maintained throughout the school-year.

Just how powerful are our “power” partners? Our research shows that low-achieving students who participate in our Power Partners program make significant advancements in their reading levels within the school year. Our Power Partners program is making a difference!

In addition to their time, talent, and care for their students, our power partners have been financially generous to the schools in which their students attend. To date, power partners have donated $400,000 to their “paired” schools.

Current Partners: