Coach Manual/Forms

Intermediate Coach Manual

All the forms, suggestions and information needed for the Philadelphia Reading Olympics in one place!


  • Book List Tracking Form: Easily keep track of which books are being read by which team members.
  • Book Notes Form: Team members can use this form to take notes about the books being read.
  • Parent Information Letter: A student must have their parent’s permission to participate. Please customize this document by printing on your school’s letterhead.
  • Student and Parent Contract 2015: This contract proves the commitment of the student and Parent/Guardian to the 2014 Philadelphia Reading Olympics.
  • Release Document: This document is to give permission for the student to attend the competition and for the Philadelphia Reading Olympics Coordinating and Supporting Organizations to use photos and digital images of participants.  All students participating in the Philadelphia Reading Olympics are required to have a signed release form.  If a parent/guardian chooses not to sign the release, the teacher coach is responsible for keeping that student out of any photographs taken at the event.