Thinking about volunteering for the Reading Olympics? Here is everything you need to know about what it takes!

 volunteer at the reading olympics 

Volunteer Responsibilities.

As a volunteer you will be asked to either be a moderator (asking the questions), a scorekeeper (keeping score), or support staff. Don’t worry, all the questions and answers are provided for you! There will be training at the site on the morning of the event. We guarantee that you’ll have fun as you help to make this rewarding activity a success.

Dates & Locations.

All competitions occur throughout the city at colleges or universities during the month of May. There are seven different competitions in the month of May. You can volunteer for one or all of them! 


  • May 1 = Temple University

  • May 8 = Community College of Philadelphia Main Campus

  • May 9 = Community College of Philadelphia Northeast Regional Campus

  • May 16 = School District of Philadelphia, 440 North Broad Street

  • May 17 = LaSalle University

  • May 20 = Philadelphia University/Jefferson

  • May 22 = Saint Joseph's University


of the Day.

We ask that you arrive at 8:15 a.m. for training & light breakfast. Your responsibilities conclude around noon, but you are more than welcome to stay for the closing ceremony! A volunteer T-shirt will be provided. 

How to

Sign Up.

Complete the online registration form here:

Please register only if you are 100% certain you are able to volunteer. We cannot run the Reading Olympics without an adequate number volunteers so it is critical that you attend once you register. You will receive a volunteer confirmation email with additional details upon our receipt of your on-line registration form and we’ll reach out, again, as we get closer to the event. 

If you are unable to volunteer but still wish to support the Philadelphia READS Reading Olympics you can contribute to the events by making a donation to Philadelphia READS! Your generous donation supports the Philadelphia READS Reading Olympics and the other Philadelphia READS core programs. You can either donate directly here or through United Way. Please quote United Way #12682.

If I have any questions about anything to do with the Philadelphia READS Reading Olympics, contact us by calling or emailing our office at or (215) 279 – 7450.

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